Monday, 16 April 2012

My feline friend

I wanted to introduce you all to my best feline friend! He is actually called Bengal but has somehow adopted the name 'the fluffster/Mr fluffy'? My family got him whilst I was on holiday last July, a woman who lived near by had found him abandoned, but she couldn't keep him as she had dogs, and when she brought him to our door we could hardly say no! When I got home from my holiday there he was, (it was love at first site ;) ) Cats tend to to choose people and he chose me! He is lovely and even puts his paws round your neck when you pick him up.
 Sometimes he leaves his tongue out and doesn't realize!
 He sleeps in very strange positions (if I didn't know him well I would think he was dead!)
Sometimes he even looks like he is smiling :)


  1. He's absolutely gorgeous! Just seen the post about Toby too, not sure who is cuter!!xxx

    1. aww thankyou :D I love them both sooo much I couldnt choose between them hehe xx