Sunday, 15 April 2012

I Love Carboots

Easter is over... so you know what that means? CARBOOT TIME!  I do love car boots, especially when I find a bargain. Admittedly sometimes they are full of junk or just things from house clearances but occasionally you spot a jem. Today I went to the first one of this year and I found a few little things that caught my eye! What are the best things that you have found at a car boot? Let me know in the comments, and there is a little extra at the end!
This Rimmel eyeshadow was in a box of 5 things for £1. It's not something I would have normally bought but I couldn't find a 4th item so I thought why not?
 These were also in the box of 5 things for £1 and so was the little black pot and the makeup bag below. The colour trend lipstix is by Avon, (I hadn't realized this at the time)
I bought this little matte black glass pot to put my makeup brushes in.
 Rose truffle, Siren, Totally Teal
I have never tried a No7 nail polish before, I don't know why but I never look at the No7 counter either. Perhaps I should! But anywhooo  the two on the left were 50P for both! They look quite similar in the photo but the one in the middle called Siren is definitely much more red, whereas the Rose ruffle is a much softer pink. The totally teal polish was 50p and is a mini one.
 This pretty little hanging heart was only 30p! I love things like this to hang in my room.
And here is the little surprise, (he wasn't from the car boot, don't worry!) This is the little kitten I mentioned in my last post, we got him yesterday and I just love him. When we went to pick him up there was also a little tiny black kitten who was just a few weeks old, I wanted to get him too, but he would have be too little to be around are bigger cats. We have now changed the name of this little black cat from 'Inky' to 'Pickle', purely because we have another cat called Indie who is a bit daft to say the least, so we thought he would get confused when we call them. I hope you like him, and don't forget to let me know what your best car boot buys have been!