Monday, 26 August 2013

Tiree 2013

 I have finally got around to writing this post about my holiday to Tiree. I got back a few weeks ago but haven't had chance to do it so here it is, better late than never!

I had a lovely time, we had lots of barbeques on the beach, and even a bonfire. I found a really cute little cat outside a gift shop called Chocolates and charms, he looked just like my cat but smaller so we christened him 'mini le flueff'. We went surfing a couple of times but the waves were tiny so we just floated around on our boards but it was still good fun, especially because I couldn't go in the sea last year because of my foot operation!

I was given driving lessons off my parents and I was also allowed to drive the car along a grassy track a few times because I have my provisional license now so it was good practice, I really hope that next year I can go with my friend and I am now saving up for a vw campervan (a pretty one) and hopefully we will go there next year and camp by the beach.


  1. Gorgeous pictures becky! I love the new layout too! Great idea saving up for a VW campervan, they are just soo pretty!xx


  2. Beautiful pictures! Getting a new car sounds like a great idea!!

  3. these are great pictures, looks like you had a lovely time Becky!


    velvet ghost| fashion blog ♥

  4. It looks like you had a great time! Good luck on learning to drive:) I just passed my test a few weeks ago, it's the best feeling ever! Your pictures look lovely! Thanks for sharing xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥