Wednesday, 14 August 2013

New jewellery from Body Jewellery Shop

 *Jewellery from

I was recently contacted by Body Jewellery Shop and offered some jewellery to show here on Rose Petals, of course I jumped at the chance because I have quite a lot of piercings now and I love their jewellery! I got to choose all the items myself and I really love them, especially the Opal blue sun belly bar. I chose quite a few belly bars because I recently got my belly pierced and I didn't have any yet so this was perfect to get some new ones!

I also chose some new nose studs, and some tragus jewellery. I absolutely love the rose stud, I think it's so cool and will look good in my helix piercing or even one of my lobe piercings. For those of you who don't have any piercings they also have a collection of ear cuffs that hook over your ear wherever you want them. I have one on the top of my ear in the 10th photo, it's also really sturdy which is good because I've had lots of ear cuffs that just bend before.

I would really recommend Body Jewellery shop, everything came individually packaged in little bags, the customer service was really good and the products themselves are great quality. Make sure to let me know what your favourite piece of jewellery is!


  1. Your piercings are so lovely! I really want some done more in my ears, did your helix hurt? That's the one i want the most :) x

    1. Thankyou! Not too much, it was just a sharp pinch but it's my favourite piercing so it was worth it :) x