Monday, 26 November 2012

I'm your little scarlet, starlet Singing in the garden

scrap book
Good evening lovelies, today has mostly consisted of everything floral, artsy and photographic. Not that I'm complaining because these are my favourite sorts of days. I have made some little jewellery pieces for a sale I will be doing with my friend in early December.  I flicked through the Laura Ashley magazine, I just love looking through these and getting inspiration for my bedroom. I also looked through this little christmas ideas magazine, it is so cute.

I have also started making a scrapbook from a few of the photos I have saved from my Tumblr, I'm using an old book from a charity shop and painting the pages white. I want to decorate every page with beautiful lace and tea stained envelopes, and maybe even old maps.


  1. As I love your photos, so pretty, lookforward to seeing the Jewellery!

    Please check out my latest post if you have time




  2. that scrapbook sounds (and looks) lovely, I'd love to see more pictures of it when you've done more! and I love your bunting, so cute!!
    Eleanor x

  3. I'm currently doing a scrap book like this! So much fun and I think there are so many amazing images on the internet that I want to save forever :) Have fun with it!