Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Bunny Toby

I'm sure you have all realised by now that I LOVE animals! So I thought I would do a little post to introduce you all to my little bunny rabbit Toby. We got him almost 2 years ago form a rescue center. As it was me who had been pestering to get a rabbit my Mum said she would look a round the center that day to see if they had any, and then take me at the weekend to get one. I made her promise not to pick a bunny without me as I really wanted to choose myself! When I got home form school that day there he was on the rug, and my Mum said "I couldn't not get him, he is blind in one eye". It would have been cruel to leave him because he had been there a long time and nobody wanted him. :(
He is so friendly and loves cuddles and he spends the day outside free in the garden and comes in and sleeps on the rug in the evening and night. (living the life of luxury) He was already called Toby when we got him and because no of my family could decide on a name we just kept it as Toby. I hope you all like my little Bunny!


  1. So sweet :)

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  2. Oh my gosh so cute ^.^
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  3. He's so adorable! Bunnies are the best :) x