Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New Bed

I absolutely love it! It was form an online shop and was £129 I think.
 I then went to IKEA to buy a duvet cover I had spotted a while ago and also loved (I use the word 'loved' to much. It is vintage and very floral. (sorry for the not so good quality photos but I took them on my iphone)
 In the set you get one double duvet cover and 4 pillowcases for £40.99. It is quite expensive but very nice. The sides of the pillows and the end of the duvet cover tie with pretty little bows.
Hi everyone, can you tell I'm on a bit of a blogging spree? I'm loving it woooo :)
So, I used to have the IKEA Hemnes day bed. At first I loved it, but because I like to move the furniture around in my room a lot, it made doing this very difficult. It weighed an absolute ton, and because I have wooden floorboards as I was pushing the bed along them they were getting all scratched and carved up. So I thought it was best if I bought a new bed (for the good of my beloved floorboards ;) I wanted a cream/white one to fit in with the rest of the furniture in my bedroom so I picked this one...
Whilst I was in IKEA i bought a berry scented candle, for a barginous 89p!!!! I did really want a strawberry one but this was the closest one I could find. But you can't be too picky at only 89p can you?

I hope you liked my little post, and that you all had a good weekend x


  1. Wow amazing bed, like it so much :)

    Ina :*

  2. Wow this is gorgeous I love it! You have fabulous taste! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Your room has an inviting and soothing feel! You did a great job in designing it! So, how’s your new bed? Is it very soft? If I’d be sleeping in this room, surely, I will fall asleep in a snap. You made yourself a good purchase! Good choices!

    -Allie Carrillo