Sunday, 11 March 2012

February Favourites

Hello, so im aware this a very late February favourites, but I guess better late than never? It's mostly very late because a few of the products I only got in late February so I wanted to try them out for a bit longer. Most of them are hair products and the rest are 'body scents', but I guess that's the sort of products I love to buy! I hope you enjoy it.
 from left to right;

Lynx deodorant - To be honest I was expecting this to smell very similar to the male ones, which I'm not that keen on, but I was pleasantly surprised when I first smelt it. It is very fresh and sort of florally. I love the smell and I hope they bring it out in the collection |(it's only limited edition at the moment). I bought this in boots when they were on offer for two for £5.

Tresemme dry shampoo -  This is really great for 'second day hair' when it becomes a little bit greasy and limp. I find a lot of dry shampoos leave my hair with a grey tint, but this one doesn't. It doesnt have a partcullarly strong smell but it is quite nice. It leaves my hair looking a lot fresher, and the bottle also lasts a long time.

Schwarzkopfgot2b guardian angel - I absolutley love this product. It is a heat protection spray for blowdrying and styling. It has a really lovley perfumed scent and doesnt make my hair sticky at all.

Bed Head after party - This is a smoothing cream used to get rid of the little fly away hairs you often get. I use it after straightening my hair and smooth it through the ends, it leaves my hair smelling sooooo nice and really silky!

Bed head Head rush -  This is a shine spray that I use also after straightening my hair. It too smells really good! (it make me want to eat my hair, that's how good it is). It makes my hair look very shiny and silky, which is what I need as I used to dye my hair an awful lot, and use too much heat on it.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs - I think has got to be my favourite perfume! It has a fresh florally scent that lasts all day, I have only had this about a month and I have used quite a bit of it already.

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