Sunday, 2 October 2011

Carboot buys

Hi everyone, so I went to a carboot this morning and I got some really good stuff. It was a pretty big carboot because of all the nice weather we have had this week! By the way just to warn you this post is full of pictures, sorry.
 I was so happy when I spotted this lipstick it is a Dior one and it was 20p but they are about £20 new in the shop!

 This lipstick is YSL!!!! I couldn't believe it although i is a tester beacuse it has a clear lid but at 20p also I wasn't too fussy.

 A Vanilla and ice cream bath bomb.
 I am thinking of putting either makeup brushes or pens and pencils in this. It was only 50p
 A cute little flowery top form topshop, it was 50p

 These jeggins were £1 and are from topshop, the picture oes them no justice but I csn promise you they look better in real life!


  1. wow, great finds!
    I always hope to find nice things like this at carboots, yet all they ever are is trash near me! urgh!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed. I've never been to a carboot before. They always have them just a little too far away from where I live. Loving the vintage looking bucket/container type thing. :p

  3. hi Dolly Daydream, thankyou :D i was really pleased lol. I have followed your blog I love it! x

  4. hi Sarirah, thankyou, I'm lucky having one just round the corner really :D and I love the bucket thing too not sure what to do with it yet though x

  5. Wow you got some really good things and at such good prices!! I might have to try out some carboot sales soon :) xx

  6. aww thankyou Emily :D
    I would recommend carboot sales you can find some really good bargains x

  7. That bath bomb seems like it's be AMAZING! :)

    xo, Samantha