Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Baby Chicks!

This weekend just gone I went to Dunham Massey with my family. The main reason we went was to see some new chickens that they have got in. (we have chickens at home so we went to admire some more :P) They have rescued lots of battery farmed hens and brought them to Dunham Massey. They also have some cockerels so there are baby chicks in an indoor area under a heat lamp (they were so cute!) I took my canon camera with me to try and get some good photos of them but it was very hard as they were behind a cross hatched fence so they came out a bit blurry, but I did get some nice photos of the scenery though.
 Sorry this ones not quite in focuse, but i liked the flower.
 A pretty swan I saw in the lake (he seemed to enjoy having his photo taken)
 I just thought this sign was so cute and shabby chic esque
 How halloweeny ! They are growing pumpkins, there were more but they seemed to look a bit infested by something :P
 A little river running through the park
  These were the chickens, I felt so sorry for the big one because he was huge and massive feathers on his feat so when he walked he had to waddle so he didn't trip over aww :(
and lastly the best, the baby chicks they are just too cute aren't they!!
Hope you all enjoyed seeing the photos of the chickens and other wildlife x