Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tatton park and tea room

At the weekend I went to Tatton park with my family, this seems to be coming a yearly tradition to go around Halloween and see all the decorations. Again the park was decorated for Halloween with ghosts hung in all the trees and pumpkins hidden around the gardens. Talking of pumpkins take a look at these sparkly pumpkins on the Belly Button blog, and please do leave a lovely comment!
 I'm definitely going to be doing my own Pumpkin like that this year!

We walked all around the Italian gardens and then had a well deserved tea (hot chocolate for me) and cake in the Tea room. There is no denying that the tea room was my favourite bit... oops!
 I was thinking of doing another Halloween blog post this year, like I did last year with my friend Lily, let me know if you would like to see that!


  1. Such pretty pictures and the decorations look amazing! Would definitely love to see the Halloween post!

    Imogen ♡

    1. Thankyou, ooh good I will make sure to do one then! X

  2. That place looks like a dream and I love your Joules wellies, I want some!


  3. this place is so cute and lovely. and your photos are gorgeous!