Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ness Botanical Gardens

Yesterday I went on a lovely trip to Ness  gardens with my family. Before we got to the gardens we visited the near by beach and had a quick walk around and I of course had to stroke and photograph the resident cat! We then went and had some lunch at the most amazing little cafe called 'Avanti', I had a chicken and pesto pasta salad with a vanilla ice cream milkshake and It was so yummy! We then drove on to Ness gardens for a walk around.
The gardens were so pretty and we were there at the perfect time of year because all of the flowers were in full bloom and the weather was perfect. We strolled around the gardens and Sam and I took lots of photos of all the beautiful flowers and we even saw some cute little ducklings, you can see them in the second to last photo but there were flies everywhere. The gardens were so big and we spent most of the afternoon there, and we also spent a while looking at the resident chickens that were very cute. It was such a lovely day and I really want to go again!

I won't be posting again until after Wednesday because I am going to Amsterdam tomorrow which I am so excited about, but I will make sure to do a post when I'm back with all of my photos from the trip! So if you send me any emails or anything I probably won't be able to reply until Wednesday. But I shall be back soon :)


  1. such beautiful gardens! love the photos♥

  2. The pictures are beautiful! I love english gardens - they're the epitome of harmony for me (wow, I'm getting dramatic here^^).
    Super lovely post! <3

    Have lots of fun in Amsterdam! :)

  3. Gorgeous photos Becky! :) That cat is adorable too, hope you had a great time! x

  4. It looks beautiful there, I love your photos! Xx

  5. You're such a talented photographer! Lovely photos! :) xx

  6. AMAZING photos love the location!