Saturday, 23 March 2013

What I've been up to recently...

Cream eggs were on offer for 8 for £1... so I bought 16! ( I considered buying more to stash but I was embarrassed enough taking this many to the checkout)
I went shopping with my Mum to the Trafford Centre and we got a Starbucks, strawberry cream frappucino for me.
My Mum and Dad built a new chicken coop from scratch, designed by my Mum, for our chickens (including the new ex-battery hens we rescued. A trip to the Garden center wearing my Welly-bobs from Joules!
I went to Styal with my Friend Amy to take some photos for my photography project
The well earned hot chocolate, with obligatory whipped cream and a slice of chocolate cake after we got soaked in the rain at Styal. Getting the job of untangling this mass of Jewellery at work! You jell?
Seeing these funny magnetic finger puppets stuck to the fridge at work, Ghandi and Charles Dickens! don't lie you wish you had a finger puppet of Charles Dickens ;P Goodbye old room! Swapping bedrooms with my brother before he goes off to college after summer. (It's messy because I had already started putting stuff in boxes etc)
My new room, that still has some of Sam's stuff in, like the curtains, and the mess that I have to now tidy up. Would you like a room tour type of post when it's done? Let me know!
Went for a sleepover at my friends house and took a selfie in her mirror. My hair seems to have grown all of a sudden.
A lovely well deserved bubble bath after I thoroughly cleaned the bathroom for my Mum.


  1. These photos look lovely! So jealous of all the cream eggs! xx

  2. Hmm. So. Many. Cream. Eggs. Yum!

  3. In Canada, at least where I live in Canada, creme eggs usually sell for around $1.50-$2.00, so I don't blame you at all for stocking up! I would love to see a room tour once you've settled in!

  4. The starbucks looks so yummy! x

  5. Oooh your pictures are gorgeous, love your room I'd definitely love to see a post of some sort. As for the creame eggs where are they 8 for £1???? That is amazing I would have bought double too, no shame lol :)

  6. Wow, that many creme eggs for the price is amazing! I would definitely take that many too! Then gone back for more. Would love to see a new room post too once you've finished it :) xo

  7. Your house looks gorgeous! & I love the new chicken coop!
    I'd of bought a bazillion cream eggs at that price! xx

  8. Wow where did you buy the cream eggs? I paid 69p for 1!!!

    Kimberley x


    1. They were from Quality save which I think is the same as 'Home Bargains' :) x

  9. Awwwh I love cream eggs but they are soo expensive here! :O Id love to be changing room I love designing rooms! :__)x
    Sofia x

  10. Great pictures! I am SO JEALOUS of your bath!!!

  11. Amazing Blog & Home :D