Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tag, 8 Fall (Autumn) loves

Hello Everyone, today I am doing a tag! I was tagged by the lovely Khadija to do the '8 Fall loves Tag'
1) Favourite nail polish:
My favourite nail polish for Autumn is probably, 'My Private Jet' by OPI! It's such a pretty browny/gold shade that's all sparkly :D

2) Favourite Eyeshadow:
I don't really have a favourite eyesahdow as I never wear it because it doesn't really suit me! But if I were to pick a colour I would probably go for a browny, gold orangey shade.

3) Favourite Blush:
 I only own about 2 blushes, but I really love my Sleek one in the shade 'Flushed' which is a really lovely deep pinky/red.
 4) Favourite clothing item:
I would probably say a big knitted jumper or cardigan, but I also love my Leather Jacket I got from Zara, it's so warm and comfy and I wear it everyday! 

5) Favourite Autumn Lipstick:
I love anything deep red for Autumn! SO I would say my Rimmel lipstick '480 classic Wine' or a deep red one that I have from MUA, I don't know the number of this one becasue the label has rubbed off, sorry. 

6) Favourite Auntumn Jewellery item:
Oooh I don't really have one for this, because I just tend to wear whatever goes with what I'm wearing! But I think my gold collar necklace from Kukee is quite Autumnal.

7) Favourite Autumn Perfume:
I think it would have to be either, the body shop Vanilla perfume, because it is so lovely and lasts for ages or another body shop perfume called 'Amorito' because this one is such a lovely scent, I can't describe it all, but it reminds me of Christmas and my Mum because she always wears it too!

8) Favourite Miscelaneous Autumn Item:
My fingerless elbow length gloves form H&M! They are knitted and deep burgundy and I think they are called 'hand warmers' but I just love them! 

9) What is th ething you look forward ot most in Autumn?
HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN!!! :D I get so excited because I love any excuse to dress up really! I always dress up as a witch, not in one of these revealing costumes that people wear to parties, but in a black dress with tights and hat haha!

10) Do you go trick or treating, if so what are you planning on dressing up as this year?
I don't go properly trick or treating, but we take our next  door neighbours little girl around our road to the neighbours hehe! She is only 3-4 and last year she dressed up as Tinkerbell, and I was a witch (again) so I will probably do the same this year. I also love to paint fake injuries on myself, a bit like I did the post on the ripped nail I made, so I could do some more blog posts on that sort of thing for Halloween perhaps?

I hope you all liked the Tag, I tag anybody who wants to do it because I don't want anyone to feel left out so feel free to just do it and say I tagged you :) 


  1. Love it!
    Thank you so much for doing it :)
    I love your nails btw and that blush is sooo prettyyy :D x

    1. No problem, glad you liked it :) Thankyou xx

  2. that opi polish is a gorgeous colour, i love autumn :D xo

  3. Would love to see some Halloween related blog posts, I love halloween too! :) xo

  4. lovely post :D love the color of the blush and the nailpolsih :)

  5. Oh, I do love a good excuse to dress up! I agree, nothing beats a big knitted jumper during the Autumn months.

  6. love the nail polish! can you link the ripped nail post please?:)xx

    1. Thankyou, yes sure, here you go :) xx

  7. I NEED THAT NAIL VARNISH!!! It's absolutely stunning!
    Eleanor x

    1. hehe, it is a lovely colour :) Thankyou xx