Sunday, 20 May 2012

Prom and a carboot

Sorry again for the lack of blog posts but I'm currently doing my GCSE's so they are my priority at the moment! I finished school on Thursday and had my prom on the Friday night after a morning psychology exam. I wish I could say I had a great time, but to be honest I didn't enjoy myself and I wish I hadn't gone. Its not really my sort of thing and I basically got ignored all night, even by the teachers. Only my friends spoke to me and everybody else didn't even acknowledge my existence. We also had the table in the corner so that didn't really help! But never mind, at least I can say I went I guess. Here is a photo of me before I went, and also one of me and my best friend Lily.

This morning I went to a carboot  and picked up some quite good stuff...
 These stackable 'LOVE' rings were 20p for them all and they came in a little black gift bag! I think they are very cute.
 Both of these bracelets were also 20p each (but I still need to untangle the bottom one)
 Iphone bumper case - 50p
 Eyelash curlers - 20p
 Tweezers - 20p
 Creme highlighter by oriflame - 20p (the fingerprints in it are mine)
 Sexy mother pucker plumping lipgloss pink apricot - 20p and plain- 20p
(I don't really like these, they are very sticky!)
 Laura Mercier lip glace in Amber rose - 20p
 I bought this to use the little letter pieces to make jewelery - £1
 A camera bag to use when I go to college as I am taking photography
Gold heart bracelet - 20p

I was very pleased with everything that I got! Let me know if you have had a prom recently and whether or not you enjoyed it?


  1. I totally get you about prom, I got my dress and everything and had decided to go even though I knew I wouldn't enjoy it, thankfully a last minute holiday came up and I didn't end up going. I was so relieved, things like that just aren't my thing although I probably will go to my sixth form one to say a final goodbye, you looked beautiful though! xxx

    1. aww thankyou so much! Originally I wasnt going, but everyone pestered me to come and said that it wouldnt be the same without me, but when I went they didnt even notice I was there! and lucky you having a last minute holiday! xx :)